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About Essences

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This range of vibrational essences have been co-created using either a single vibrational imprint (or energy signature) or a combination.
Energy signatures include:

  • Crystalline energies from the mineral kingdom.

  • Energies relating to the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth, including planetary and lunar influences.

  • Energy of sacred spaces such as temples or ritual spaces.

  • Environmental energies. Places in nature often have a deva which acts as guardian or overarching spirit. It is with this guardian's permission that the energy signature of a particular place is captured.

  • Prayer and intention to assist with clearing a particular pattern of conditioning, which can be either emotional, mental or physical or a combination

What are vibrational essences and how do they work?

Essences capture the energy imprint of a space, place, plant, flower or mineral. When you take a vibrational essence your energy system begins to harmonise with that specific energy. It's healing in a bottle!

The environment is not disturbed during the process of making of these essences. They are made with love, respect, prayer and intention. The energy signatures are captured in water and then preserved for longevity in brandy.

How are the essences used?
The most common use is to take an essence internally, under the tongue, over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. However, our energy system responds to essences being taken in various ways: for example you can put drop put on to a chakra point, or in to your bathwater, or mix into cosmetics such as shampoo or body moisturizer.

Essences can be taken alongside any allopathic or herbal medicine. Generally Homeopathy is not taken at the same time as essences as it is also a form of energy medicine. 

What is the recommended dosage?

The suggested dosage is 3 drops twice a day, morning and evening under the tongue. A 10 ml dosage bottle will last around 2 weeks. 

The essences are suitable for children under 12 and pets with the recommended dose one drop twice a day diluted in water. 

About Energy Sprays


As human beings, we are vibrational beings, operating on many subtle levels, beyond the physical reality we usually perceive. As such, we are affected by and respond to vibration and energy around us. There are several subtle energy bodies surrounding our physical body. The clearer or more vibrant these energetic bodies are, the more vibrant our physical bodies are, and the clearer we are as instruments for the divine.

These handmade energy sprays have been made using a combination of vibrational essences, and 100% essential oils. They also contain water that has been energetically charged with healing energies, and vegetable glycerine to preserve the essences and oils.

As vibrational tools energy sprays work in these ways:-

  • In your personal energy field (aura), comprised of the etheric body (the energetic blueprint of your physical, mental and emotional bodies). When the etheric body is influenced, it can have an effect on your emotions, thoughts, or physical body.

  • In the surrounding atmosphere and space. You can clear a space from negative vibrations, or enhance the energy of a space.

You can use the energy sprays as often or as little as you like, and they are complimentary to any other healing modality you are using. Used with intention and affirmation, the energy sprays are even more potent. 

Suggestions for Use

  • They can be used to bring oneself into the present moment

  • For when we feel "spaced out" or affected by chaotic or frenzied energies or feel affected by chaotic or frenzied energies

  • to calm and relax

  • to change our vibration or mood

  • to inspire... before doing something creative such as writing or painting

  • before meditation

  • before a healing, massage or therapy session

  • for emotional release

  • spray on your pillow for a restful nights sleep

  • use after bathing

  • to energetically prepare a space for ritual, meetings or healing

  • to clear a space of negative vibrations

  • to spray over an altar

  • to connect with intuitive guidance

  • to add *sparkle* and *magic* to ritual and ceremony

  • for brainstorming ideas

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