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Runaway Bay

Sattva Meditation Technique

SATTVA MEDITATION INITIATIONS (Vedic) Vedic meditation is recognised as the most effective and easiest meditation technique. It is also the original meditation that all other techniques are base on. Payment plans available .

Sattva Meditation Technique
Sattva Meditation Technique

Time & Location


Runaway Bay, 30 Morala Ave, Runaway Bay QLD 4216, Australia


About the event

Welcome to Sattva Meditation, an extraordinary journey into the transcendental world of mantra-based meditation, rooted in the Himalayan Yogic Lineage. Our approach is a holistic, effortless technique encompassing breathwork, Kriya, and a personalized mantra. With daily practice, Sattva Meditation bestows its profound benefits upon all facets of your life.


Immerse yourself in the profound art of meditation through our 3-day course, accompanied by a personal follow-up session. Sattva Meditation is your gateway to a lifelong practice that unlocks ease, purpose, and joy in your existence.

Course Highlights:

  • Three 1.5-Hour Initiation & Instruction Sessions
  • One-Hour Personal Follow-Up/Consultation
  • Technique & Kriya 1 Initiation*
  • Personal Mantra Guidance
  • Exploration of Vedic Knowledge: The Essence of Meditation
  • Lifetime Support & Mentoring for Your Meditation Journey

Kriya 1, a vital element of Sattva Meditation, is an ancient technique crafted to guide your energy towards a state of profound stillness. It helps you harness your creative energy through breathwork, paving the way for a deep dive into mantra meditation. Private initiation is a prerequisite for this transformative practice.

Why Meditate?

Meditation serves as the bedrock for all other Vedic sciences and methods. It's a path to connect with your true nature, a realm of unchanging, pure conscious bliss. Through meditation, you can:

  • Align your life with nature
  • Experience enhanced health and vitality
  • Foster healing for your body and mind
  • Attain deeper rest and rejuvenation
  • Alleviate anxiety, depression, and other challenges
  • Cultivate greater clarity of thought
  • Reduce stress and rewrite neural pathways

Join us on this transformative journey and embrace the profound benefits of Sattva Meditation.

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  • Vedic Meditation Course ONLINE

    From $850.00 to $950.00
    • $850.00
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