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One on One Spiritual Mentoring

“I know there’s more to life than this... I just don’t know how to get there...” As a spiritual mentor, I have working with all kinds of people juggling the spiritual path with the demands of modern life. Guiding them to fulfilment and purpose.

One on One Spiritual Mentoring
One on One Spiritual Mentoring

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Time is TBD


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“I know there’s more to life than this... I just don’t know how to get there...” As a spiritual mentor, I have working with all kinds of people juggling the spiritual path with the demands of modern life. Some are young enthusiastic yogis and travelers, others are homemakers, wives, and mothers. Some have deeply involved family lives and others have had successful careers. Yet, despite an external quality of life, many of my clients have felt an emptiness which led to larger feelings of separation from others and the world. They felt a residue of dissatisfaction and an intangible longing for something more... Does this sound familiar?

It may seem unlikely, but these are all symptoms of a great spiritual awakening! Like so many of my clients, if you have also had these experiences, your spirit is calling you back home to your nourishing and deep relationship with the Divine Nature of the Universe.

So, how do you get back to this relationship? The answer is daily spiritual practice.

I have been a spiritual student and teacher for over 30 years. My deep devotion to my daily practices and this path has allowed me to be a guide for many who are committing to their own spiritual evolution. The path that I have chosen has fed me and my connection to the Divine, though it has not been easy. There is no quick fix to bring you into an everlasting relationship with the Divine. It takes commitment to show up everyday to create a relationship as personal and dear as that to a lover or a best friend.

Through Spiritual Mentorship, I can help you get back to that sweet nectar that can only be resourced from a relationship with the Divine. I can guide you toward a happier, more satisfied, clear, life–free from unhealthy habits—and walking in alignment with your true purpose on this planet. On this path, you will feel your worthiness through your own embodiment.

Do you desire this experience for your own life? I can shepherd you on this journey. Through one-on-one mentoring, I help you create and cultivate a spiritual practice that is designed just for you, a perfect fit for your life and path. Different practices, mantras, meditation techniques, connections to the Yogic goddesses, and ancient texts will help facilitate your unique path to step closer to the Divine. The Planet is evolving, and we are being asked to accelerate our own evolution. I know how to support you in your own spiritual acceleration. The time is now to act on the call you feel!

Through Our Work Together, You Will: ~ Gain sharp and transformative clarity for your life ~ Feel more connection, passion, and joy ~ Experience the presence of the Divine in everyday life ~ Foster nurturing devotion for your spiritual practices ~ Merge with the essence of who you really are ~ Discover your most powerful gifts and talents ~ Move through your energetic blocks and embedded trauma ~ Feel and believe in your worthiness In Private Spiritual Mentoring, We Will: ~ Ignite your daily spiritual practice ~ Spark deep spiritual insights for your life ~ Help you understand your internal state of being

~ Strengthen your yoga asana practice ~ Offer ancient education through yogic texts ~ Help you move through negativity, fear, and doubt ~ Help you transmute scars into strengths ~ Teach you how to be more effective in the world

DIVE INTO THE DEEP WATERS OF LIFE & YOUR SPIRITUAL PURPOSE To Discover the You Underneath it All Experience Transformation and Foster Your Spiritual Growth in One-On-One Sessions with Jeanie Manchester

Wake up to your Soul’s Purpose and finally feel the fulfillment you’ve been longing for. My private mentorship students have experienced more clarity and focus in their lives. Their relationships have more ease, and they experience having more energy, peace, and overall satisfaction with their lives.


Master yogini, mamapreneur, friend and guide on this path of awakening in the everyday. Jeanie Manchester is a master yoga teacher and spiritual guide. She has trained and practiced extensively in yoga asana, philosophy, and meditation for the past 30 years. She is an E-RYT 500 Hour YA instructor offering yoga immersions, training as well as travel-based retreats to wondrous places all over the globe. She is a Priestess of Neelakantha Meditation Practice — the most subtle and powerful practice that she offers for those seeking depth and transformation.

After she rolls up her yoga mat, Jeanie is a mother of two and understands the demands of a daily householder life with serious commitment to a spiritual journey. She is also the creator of The Shakti Rise Immersion, as well as “Goddess Guidance”, an online membership group dedicated to guiding women into experiencing their full potential in themselves. By raising the vibration within, Jeanie believes healing and creativity will soar and planetary upliftment will increase.

Fostering a Spiritual Practice Benefits all Aspects of Your Life The earth is evolving at an accelerating rate and we are being asked to do the same. If you’re a mother who is starting to ask the question “Who am I underneath my house-maker roles?” or if you’re a woman in the world feeling an inner longing that can’t be satiated, you’re receiving the call to evolve, to connect to your soul, to feel the presence of the Divine in your life. You are being asked to evolve spiritually and start relating to the Divine through a daily spiritual practice. You are being asked to commit to your soul’s purpose for existing on this planet. You are being asked to say yes to the feelings of wholeness and worthiness that you’ve never dreamed to be possible.

With my experienced support, you’ll gain the tools you need to welcome the Divine into your life in a way that works for you.

BUILD YOUR SPIRITUAL TOOLBOX: • Supportive daily spiritual practice • Meditation • Vibratory Mantra

• Asana • Ancient Insights • Ayurvedic Wisdom • Goddess Lore & Mythology • Self-Reflection • Consistency/Follow-Through • Devotional Practices • And more :)



  • 1 Mentoring Session

    This entitles you to one 1 hour Private Mentoring Session with Zangden

  • 3 mentoring Sessions

    This entitles you to 3 Private One on One Sessions with Zangden

  • 6 Mentoring Sessions

    This entitles you to 6 private One on One 1Hour Sessions with Zangden

  • 10 Mentoring Sessions

    This entitles you to 10 1 hour private One on One Mentoring Sessions with Zangden.




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