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Mindfulness Workshops with the Yogini

Mindfulness is a mind and body approach to health and wellness. Zangden Lhamo, the Yogini, specializes in this form of healing. Her mindfulness sessions are available as group workshops or private sessions.
Zangden teaches mindfulness as a way to approach all areas of your life. When you’re mindful, you are fully present. Mindfulness teaches you not to be overwhelmed by inner turmoil and by what’s going on around you. When you train your brain to be more mindful, you see benefits at home and at work. Mindfulness is a practice that works best when coupled with meditation. Zangden is able to help you achieve both mindfulness and learn how to meditate in a few short sessions.
Along with mindfulness and meditation, personalised sound healing is a practice that allows the participant to work in private with Zangden Lhamo. Each individual’s needs are different with variable sounds used to target different areas of the mind and body. During a personalised sound healing session with Helen, she will first discuss your well-being and what you wish to get out of your session. Different vibrations during sound healing sessions target your custom goals. Our practice has the experience to know what healing properties each sound obtains. As just a few examples, personalised sound healing may target a person’s overall wellness, creative energies, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more. During the session, you are deeply relaxed and meditative. This state promotes healing of the body, mind, and soul.
Check our website and social media pages often for updates on our latest mindfulness and sound healing workshops. Contact us to book a private session with Zangden Lhamo to explore options like personalised sound healing.

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