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Introduction to our Tibetan Singing Bowls

My passion for these beautiful bowls started in Rishikesh India in March 2016. When I was there staying at Anand Prakash Ashram.

My daring husband stayed home and looked after business .

I bought the largest bowl then as a gift for him.

The beautiful workmanship and the silver inlay is really divine. It was to large to bring back to Australia in my luggage so I had it posted back.

On our next trip to Nepal I fell in love with the "Moon bowl" a beautiful deep dark bowl .

Why is it called a moon bowl? It's actually made under the full moon as mantras are chanted with each tampering of the bowl.

This bowl cemented my love and I was so deeply drawn to it. When I first bought it I actually couldn't get a sound out of it. It's a very difficult bowl to play.

Now after some time it's the loudest and most prominent of all my bowls in it's resonance.

I learnt the techniques and healing capabilities from a Tibetan Lama. Lama Tendar and his teachings are invaluable.Enjoy the video and click the chat button or email me if you have any questions.

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