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New Album coming in November 2020

In 2 weeks I'll be in the recording studio in Brisbane working on my ALBUM for Healing and transformation.

I'm SUPER excited to share this project which I've been working on for the past 12 months. Putting together a collection of Buddhist mantras with original music and sound.

My gorgeous, talented friend and teacher Barbara Prestia will be accompanying me on this Album.

"ESSENCE of SOUND" Healing Mantras

I have a deep LOVE and CONNECTION to sound and it's ability to heal and transform as witnessed by those that have come to my Yin /NIdra Sessions ,Full Moon Connections . and my part in "SACRED" Sound Journeys.

Healing Mantras can be used to heal oneself or to heal others. Traditionally, there are 6 main ways of using the Healing Mantras; the method used depends upon the nature of the disease and the specific means through which the Mantra functions. In general terms, the Mantra is recited a certain number of times to activate its power, then the breath – which represents the essence of the Voice, and therefore contains the subtle energy of Sound – is used to energize a healing medium. This is done in the following ways:

་སྔགས་ཆུ། ‘Mantra Water’. The breath is blown onto water which is consumed.

སྔགས་མར། ‘Mantra Ghee’. The breath is blown onto butter which is either consumed or rubbed on the problematic area.

ཚྭྭ་སྔགས།་ ‘Mantra Salt‘. The breath is blown onto salt which is then applied to the problematic area. In some cases the salt can be heated and then applied.

སྔགས་ཕུ། ‘Blowing Mantra‘. The hands are rubbed together and the mantra is blown onto them, then they are placed on the body on the problematic area.

ལྕགས་སྔགས། ‘Metal Mantra‘. Hot metal is used to generate the healing energy.

སྔགས་རྡོ།་‘Mantra Stone‘. The breath is blown onto warm stones which are applied to the problematic area.

Healing Mantras are extremely versatile, and can be utilized in many other ways in addition to these methods. My singing bowls have mantras chanted into them as they are beaten into shape. These mantras are then sent out into the world with every strike or sing of the bowl. Sometimes the practitioner may simply chant the mantra themselves, at other times the patient may be encouraged to listen to the sound of the Mantra being chanted. Certain body-parts can be empowered by drawing on them mantras in specific colors; mantras can be made into amulets to be worn for protection from disease; incense which has been empowered with Mantras may be burned for purposes of healing or purification. In general, authentic Tibetan Medicines and incense and have been empowered with Mantra.

Release date sometime in NOVEMBER 2020.

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