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Take Three Big Breaths

As I write this it's 4.50am and I've just completed an audio for an online Yoga Nidra practice. We are living in very surreal times as we were the first generation to not be involved in a war we are now in a war against a virus .

Spending days now in lockdown I'm actually having time to do all the nitty, gritty projects that seemed to much before.

So now here I am and I'd love to tell you about the amazing sound healing group that I've found myself sharing with.

It emerged from friendships with 3 amazing people Barbara Prestia (vocals), Glenn Barry (Didgeridoo & Clapping sticks) Bobby Runningfox (Native American Flute) and yours truly Tibetan Singing bowls & Vocals).

The name the Three breaths emerged from the fact of how powerful and how sacred our breath is. What we take for granted every second of our lives, the most important element that keeps us connected to our life. More than 22, 000 times everyday our breath flows in ad out and almost all of this is totally unconscious to us. We take it for granted. The irony being that the COVID 19 Virus attacks the airways and makes it difficult if not impossible to breath.

Our sacred BREATH, the breath of GOD flows through us but is not ours. It's on loan to us. Value it, protect it, love it.

Once a month on the first Sunday of the month we play at "The Old Church" 19 Kerr Ave, Southport from 4pm -5pm. It's such a beautiful atmosphere ad great acoustics.

We're creating something quite different and beautiful and drawing on our diverse cultural backgrounds to allow this to flow through us.

Currently unable to play at the Church or any other locations we're looking into doing a live online sound healing event. In these times of flow it's needed more than ever.

Wherever you are please take care

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