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Yoga Classes Near Me

Yoga Classes Near Me in Australia

When you’re new to yoga, you may not truly know how much the practice can benefit your body and mind. Unfortunately, yoga classes at a local gym aren't likely to make the most out of the practice. Large and overcrowded yoga sessions are impersonal and don't offer enough one on one time. By booking yoga classes with the Yogini, Zangden Lhamo, you are making the most out of your yoga hour.
Zangden Lhamo has been certified as a teacher of yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a specialized form of yoga with countless benefits for those suffering from mental health issues. Through the practice of yoga nidra, participants have reported feeling less stressed and anxious. Moreover, purported therapeutic benefits of yoga nidra has included addiction recovery and recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Yoga nidra features a tour of your body and gaining better awareness over each part of your form. The idea is to get the person to a deep state of relaxation by targeting the mind and body. Through guided relaxation, a deep sense of peace is gained during yoga nidra. Over the course of thirty to forty minutes, the person is led into a meditative and relaxed state to alleviate tension.
Participants in yoga nidra feel the benefits as soon as the first session ends. You feel a sense of relaxation that you’ve never likely experienced before. If you have sleep issues, you’re likely to have a more well-rested night. Through regular practice, yoga nidra aims to heal psychological issues impacting the person. Former addicts and veterans have experienced the many psychological benefits of yoga nidra firsthand.
Fed up with searching for yoga classes near me online and finding low value offerings? Contact Zangden Lhamo and the Yogini today to get started on your yoga journey.

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