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Yoga Classes & Memberships

Affordable Yoga Classes in Australia

Yoga classes with the Yogini are not only highly beneficial, but also surprisingly affordable. Zangden Lhamo wholeheartedly believes in the importance of sharing all that yoga can offer participants and aims to provide affordable yoga classes in locations throughout Australia.
Yoga classes with the Yogini are beneficial to all. Zangden is able to customize classes to fit the needs of her clients. Yoga can be practiced with no experience whatsoever. Furthermore, yoga sessions are customizable to the client’s fitness level and any physical limitations. Anyone is able to truly benefit from all that yoga has to offer—including men, women, children, and expectant mothers.
What makes Zangden stand out from other yoga instructors is her vast amount of experience in the practice. She has hundreds of hours in different forms of yoga training. She has been certified as a practitioner in yoga nidra, yin yoga, and many others. Her training has also included learning how to target mental health during a yoga session. Over the course of 45years, she has trained and worked with hundreds of clients looking to achieve better wellness through the practice of yoga.
Affordable yoga classes from the Yogini are available on both a private and semi-private basis. While keeping the classes low-cost, Zangden still offers very personalized attention to each of her clients. Her classes are appropriate for both beginners and those who have been practicing for years and years. She is very mindful of client form and works with each participant to achieve the right poses to get the most out of a yoga session. After finishing a yoga class with the Yogini, you will walk out of the session feeling energized and refreshed. Keeping up with regular yoga classes are best for getting the most out of the practice.
Find out more about Zangden Lhamo and her yoga classes by reaching out today. Yoga classes and workshops are available to book online.

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